Monday, June 10, 2013

A Plug for an Outline.

Mmkay.  In all my years of taking English classes--whether required or not--I have never made an outline.

Ever. was required or not.  I stubbornly assumed it was a waste of time. (Never had good grades in high school English classes.)

But as I was trying to organize this "critical mass of mess" for my final paper, I decided, with some humility, to throw one together on Saturday.  It has helped immensely.  I used color to divide concepts and supporting points, so my eye can go straight to them when I'm typing up my more formal ideas, but didn't worry too much about the way my thoughts were written.

Page one of the outline. 

If Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Cross or Mrs. Horstmann saw this..... 

They'd say, I told you so. 


  1. I am impressed Jamie! I have never been good at making an outline either. I'm sure it will help.

  2. I love outlining. I often have an idea what each page is going to say. I have a lot of ideas swirling around for my paper, so I definitely need to erect a scaffold for my argument.