Thursday, June 6, 2013

Discussing Genre - Thesis

As of now, my thesis is mainly focused on the topic of genre and I will be using texts to support my argument of how love poetry can be detrimental and preach false ideas to the adolescent mind.  So, with love poetry as my genre, I am choosing to focus on the poems that are written in the context of being in love and falling in love.  I will lightly mention some of the heartbreak type poetry, which is definitely under the umbrella of love poetry, but some would consider it to be its own sub-genre, especially since the tone is most often opposite of the aforementioned types.

Since love poetry is such a large genre, I am going to try and hone in on the poems of the sub-genre I am titling, "Head-Over-Heals In Love" poems.  Very whimsical, airy, sometimes light feeling, other times VERY heavy.

Fortunately, everyone can relate to this genre in one way or another, whether they hate it or love it. Love is the most fundamental characteristics of humanity.  It is not a genre that is restricted to one time period or one philosophical movement.  It is universal and can be found in in literature from all different places and times.

Discussing the genre evidently benefits my argument because it is a part of my argument!


  1. I vote for the positive aspects of love poetry. Though there is argument that it is embellished. I guess it is where you are at when you read the poem. Love is like that. You either love it or you can be bitter depending on your current experience with it.

  2. BTW, it's head-over-heels, like a somersault.