Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Yo, Adrian, we did it. We did it."

This paper has sucked me dry.  Probably because I actually cared for the subject: The Bible as literature.  And I knew there were a lot of people riding (in a bad sense) my ideas.  

It started with my focus: A Raw Thesis! And then grew into a more solid idea: Claiming a Thesis!

From there it actually got muckier...rather than more clear.  Gathering ideas from outside sources via "The Tweethis Experience" made me think harder and dig deeper for more evidence and support for my claim.  

Charly's feedback was, as usual, helpful in sorting out so many ideas and opinions, and I appropriated the progression of my paper up to that point in finally Choosing a Claim to her. When we were asked to try something new to develop our argument, I thought I'd give Schizophrenia a whirl in order to discuss why I wanted to hound the subject I was hounding...with myself. Discussing Genre was the most helpful exercise I could have done.  It helped me solidify the bulk of my argument.  

I, Jamie Clegg, WROTE AN OUTLINE. 'Twas quite helpful.  'Nough said. 

From there I cranked out a few pages of nothing, really.  My First Draft.  And because I was so short on goods, I decided to explore the library.  I Discovered New Material For My Argument, and finally cranked out a FINAL DRAFT...Draft, but.  

Thanks to our peer reviews (Andrew Alston, you're a saint), I have made enormous revisions, and feel more comfortable with the final product.  I distributed it to trusted friends and family, and appreciated all of their honest and straightforward criticism. With everyone's help and ideas, here, tonight, debuts My Final Paper: Teaching the Bible as Literature.  

Yo, guys, we did it. We did it.   


  1. "Coming to terms with group work" is a very apt tag. I think after this, um, adventure I'm going to need ice cream, a strong dose of Xanax, and a vacation.

  2. Looks like we're both fans of EasyBib. :) I really liked the Downey and Burnett quotation: lent a lot of credence to your argument. It was well-argued throughout. I'm glad you sought differing viewpoints throughout: a pet peeve of mine is the idea that is prevalent here at BYU that any idea we entertain must be immediately adopted, which is ridiculous.

    You're awesome Jamie! Here's to a great summer!

    1. Thank you so much Charly. Please keep in touch.
      (I have my papers to be written in the future...)

  3. Your paper is very convincing - I'm for teaching the Bible as Literature in schools. Your use of literary terms is impressive as well as your use of quotes. I like Ezra Pound's quote especially well. Conviction!! Great job! You are bound for greatness.

    1. Thanks Dawn! I've loved sharing the non-fiction group with you and your splendidly diligent ideas!