Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So Why Do I Care?

What has persuaded me to believe it actually matters that I write a paper about the effects of Frost’s poem, "The Road Not Taken?"  Since I first heard this poem long ago, it has given me greater appreciation for caring about the choices I make in my life. 

Ambiguous and Contrary Road

A casual reading has the effect to inspire readers to take the “road less traveled” which has generally been interpreted as the more difficult road.  Frost supports the traveler’s decision with a seemingly positive outcome by telling us that his choice has made all the difference.   Even though we have no idea what that difference might be, we are left to believe we will somehow benefit from taking the less traveled road. 

A closer reading reveals some contradictions that somehow lie dormant until we take time to analyze the effects of Frost’s inconsistencies.  I am intrigued enough to want to try to determine what message Frost is sending to readers that at first seems so clear but then turns out obscure.  It just might be that it is the contradictions and ambiguity of the poem that makes it so well loved by many people. 

This is the reason I am analyzing and writing a paper on the poem.

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