Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blessed Literature

This process of sharing our thesis socially has been interesting.  I shared my five different thesis claims with my neighbor and was happy with the great comments he provided.  When I included him in the next step, he mentioned that Robert Frost’s poem, "The Road Not Taken" had kept him up at night.  Not intending for him to lose sleep over my homework, I was hoping he and his wife still liked me.   

I was pleasantly surprised on Sunday morning in our Gospel Doctrine class when my neighbor who is the instructor, passed a copy of Frost’s poem to each class member to read and analyze in the context of our pre-mortal and earthly life.   
Robert Frost in Church

He was able to incorporate the metaphor of choosing a path into our lesson very effectively.  In fact, one woman raised her hand to tell him that he had taught a really great lesson, which made him feel good.   I was pleased as well.  I was happy he shared the poem I am writing about with our Ward members. 


Maybe Dr. Burton is right that what we find interesting and good in literature we should share with others who will most likely be grateful for the enrichment.

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