Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Toolz in Skoolz (The "Tweethis" Experience)

I hit a JACKPOT of wisdom this weekend regarding my shabby thesis.  Best idea, this "tweethis." 

While I don't have Facebook, Twitter, or the like to broadcast my ideas, I do have e-mail and word-of-mouth.  I sent my ideas to former teachers, professors, and to random language arts educators of different counties and school districts (some of them responded with, "Do I know you?"), trying to get a different opinion from each source.  I intentionally asked some teachers from high school that I knew would oppose my idea.  I wanted a real argument (non-contentious, of course) to found my rebuttal on. 

Family members were helpful and surprisingly well-read on the issue, and friends offered great advice for how to structure my argument. 

I found 808 comments' worth of "thumbs-ups" and "thumbs-downs" on a Wall Street Journal article that argues my exact thesis. (GOLD MINE.) 

Opinion of a family member. 

Opinion of a political science educator. 

Opinion of a language arts educator. 


  1. You win the prize for innovative "pitching" your thesis, Jamie. That is so cool you got all those responses!! Your paper will be amazing!

  2. Excellent! Thanks for going the extra mile. I'm so glad you got useful responses.