Monday, June 10, 2013

Supporting my policy claim: The Bible should be taught!

It's definitely a draft.  But I feel like the ball has started rolling....

On a very gradual decline.

But  it's coming.  Any and all forms of criticism and comments are welcome, and I believe in reciprocity.

Here's the link to the Google Doc.  Hope it works!  Can't wait until everyone's ideas come together.  These will be incredibly interesting to read when they're finished, I think.


  1. I clicked on the Google Doc and it says I need permission to read it so I think you have to unlock it somehow.

    1. Same here. I tried it also with the same results. I'm excited to read your draft!

  2. Your former instructor gave you some reasons why not to teach the Bible in schools, but, I think of this morally drowning world where so many individuals are drifting, not having anything to hold on to. Because the Bible has such a strong history of guiding people, I believe we should use it as a proven resource, and therefore, teach it all we can.