Monday, June 17, 2013

poetry slam: thwarted

When I saw this in SugarHouse, I immediately whipped out my phone and emailed Hilary over at Team Poetry. I had read her essay on slam poetry, which had aroused my interest in the genre.

Such promise! Such excitement!

She told me to go as her proxy, and I would not fail her. After a weekend trip up to Bear Lake and Logan, I told my boyfriend to come check it out with me.

No poetry was slammed that night.

No one showed up. If you're interested in checking the slam scene out, there's more info on what was supposed to happen over on this Westminster College culture site.

Disappointing, but I probably would never have made the effort without Hilary's project to pique my interest. Additionally, their fresh-squeezed watermelon juice is excellent.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for being my proxy nonetheless!! You're the best! We will both eventually find a slam poetry performance!! :)