Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Choosing the Claim (Metapost)

Can you metapost....on your  Charly?  

So, I talked in a previous post about broadcasting my ideas to different sources, and how that has affected my thought process.  

Specifically, I sent my idea about the Bible being taught as literature to teachers and professors that I knew would oppose my idea.  Here is the response of one teacher who replied as I had hoped/expected:

I loved her response.  Very honest and thorough.  She has persuaded me to perhaps switch to a definition claim.  Or cause/effect.  A different claim that will argue the Bible to be more than just a religious text--that it could be as widely taught as Shakespeare or the classics, but not try to impose it upon teachers of public schools

I'd love your insight/help on which would be most effective.  


  1. A metapost is generally a post that is not a typical blog post (say, analyzing literature, in our case). I first saw it on a blog about comic strips when he would announce a live appearance, or when he'd embark on fundraising. A response or followup post might be what you'd call what you did here.

    Carry on!

    1. Dang it.

      It's like misusing a word when you're learning a foreign language.

      BUT! Thanks for fillin' me in. You're a gem. :)

  2. That post looks pretty MEGA (meaning large, great, grand) to me! But of course, I am very behind with the new meanings of words these days! Glad to be informed by all you young'uns:).