Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Discovering new material for my argument!

I go to the library after class everyday, and have never considered looking through the actual books....until I compiled the thesis for this paper.  I've combed through multiple online sources, and felt content with my findings.

A couple of days ago I decided to hike up to the fifth floor, and when I arrived, quads burning, I decided not to disrupt the silence by asking for help.  (Also, I was...being prideful.)

I meandered through the shelves and thumbed through some interesting titles, when I stumbled upon the row of books I was looking for.  But I didn't pick those up.  I pulled out the ones below them, and awkwardly sat on the floor in my skirt.

Compilations of classic speeches!   I snapped pictures of the Table of Contents in each one, and noted that Christ's Sermon on the Mount was listed in nearly every single anthology.  If His words managed to make it this far, into anthologies published by Norton and the like, shouldn't they be studied in schools like Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, or Abraham Lincoln's?

Maybe I won't use it in my argument, but it helped to get the ball of my thought process rolling.  Still a work in progress, but now when I can't think, I flip through pages of fifth floor books.  It gets the idea juices flowin'.

I did end up getting to Harmon & Holman's Handbook to Literature, though.... SO HELPFUL for my discussion of genre!  I highly recommend it.  As an English major, I just bought it on Amazon so I have my own copy for the rest of my degree.

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