Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's Review the Writing Process

There was no specific prompt for this final paper, giving us students the freedom to create a topic on something that we have a passion for and enjoy discussing.  I found mine: intended effects vs. actual effects of love poetry on society and the modern mind.  The topic actually arose in writing my personal literary narrative where I discussed my love and infatuation with Francesco Petrarch.  In this situation, I chose my primary literary text first: Petrarch's Sonnet 3 and then thought about it enough to the point where there were enough points that I enjoyed thinking about. I took those points and joined them together to create a topic/argument. After taking my thoughts to the social media realm, I let it stew more and finally came up with this as my thesis:

 Standardized western beliefs of love, both unrealistic and realistic, are deeply rooted in both classical society and ours today.  What should be considered when reading all sub-genres of love poetry, is that the work is almost never eternally true. Love fluctuates, and our society should not be trained to accept romantic literature, movies, music, or romantic art in general as love’s definition because they are inaccurate depictions.

I knew that this thesis had enough fuel behind it where I would feel comfortable discussing it without feeling too repetitive or not having enough to say.  Even after the paper is completed and turned in, I have continued to discuss the topic with friends.  I have new points and ideas about the topic.  That's how I knew it was right for me: if I could always find something new to say about it.  Overall, I am really happy with the way it turned out and the direction that my argument turned.  If you're bored and want a quick read, here's the link to my final draft


  1. It was great getting to know you, Caitlyn. Wish we all could have said goodbye! Enjoy the rest of your school experience! And have fun!!

  2. I loved sitting by you in our great classroom, with all the windows. You are an amazing young lady. I know you will go far! Hope to see you around the campus.