Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Final Outcome of my Learning Outcomes

Since April 30, Dr. Burton has stressed the importance of the five Learning Outcomes we should incorporate into our work. We were to start blogging immediately about our learning outcomes.  For me, just trying to figure out how to blog was a huge obstacle.  With the help of my husband, who also had never blogged, I was able to get two very pathetic blog posts “posted.”  When I learned how to insert a picture into my post, I felt I had something to work around.  Most important, I actually had fun writing my analysis for the short fiction stories we read.  For the first time I can remember, I could write what I thought about something and it counted.  Not having English as either a major or minor in my education, I set about with the first learning outcome with a vengeance.  As my Mid-term Blogpost attests, there were other outcomes that I neglected.  After meeting with Dr. Burton, he suggested that I focus more on outcomes #2 (literary genres) and #3 (write literary arguments).  Since the Mid-term I have. . .  

1. Continued using literary terms:  
   “Behind The Mask of Dramadrama and literary analysis terms   
   “Which Road To Claimphilosophy and poetic terms 
   “A Leading Path of Quotations”  Plot development terms 
2. I have spent time on genres and sub-genres:
   “The Secret Gardendrama genre and sub-genre: operetta 
   “Coming of Age Through Literary Genres,”  listed several genres I read as a youth 
   “The Biography Films”   drama subgenre bio-pic films 
   “A Marriage Proposal”  drama subgenre one-act farce 
   “Religion on Steroids”   non-fiction subgenre personal essay 
   “Frost’s Style of Poetrypoetry subgenres romanticism, transcendentalism 
   “A Compelling Call”  non-fiction subgenre political speech 
   “Politically Speaking”  Non-fiction subgenre political speech
3. Worked to synthesis and focus on claim to unify my analysis: 

   “Behind the Mask of Drama”  analysis of drama 
   “A Compelling Call”  analysis of political speech 
   “So Why Do I Care?”  synthesis and focus on a claim 
   “Religion On Steroids” analysis of non-fiction 
   “Searching the HBLL”  Analysis of library resources

4. I have talked about literature with my family:
   “Behind The Mask of Drama(took my husband) 
   “Coming of Age Through Literary Genres”  shared these books with family 
   “Sharing My Love For Readingwith my grandchildren 
   “Blessed Literatureshared my thesis with neighbor who shared it in Church 

5. Continued working on sharing my learning in my posts. 
    Self-directed learning: 
                 -Went with my husband to “The Secret Garden
                 -Read “A Marriage Proposal” by Anon Chekhov and posted about it
                 -Integrated Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and memorized it
                 -Read “Mere Mormonism” by Thomas B. Griffith and posted about it

From the Mid-term Evaluation I have worked to balance my learning outcomes and I have learned from applying every one.

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