Monday, May 27, 2013

A reaction to "Take, Eat"

Three generations of lady-lovin'.
*Awkward family photo. 
Last Friday I read Tessa Santiago's "Take, Eat," and was so impressed that I sent its link and a short message to all my close female relatives, friends, and friends' moms, and asked them to read it.

The reaction was unanimous.  They all loved and appreciated it.  They've all passed it on to other women in their lives that have had an impact on them.

What was it that triggered such a reaction?  What about Santiago's writing is so compelling and endearing?  It begins with her analysis.  She puts into words what many women have not been able to in their observation of physical appearance, mothering, and the like.  All these things that are so relatable, and so encouraging to hear from someone else.  Another woman.

Then, her writing is so easy to understand.  It's beautifully written, but not so intricate that you get caught up in the details and forget the big picture.  She moves from idea to idea without wasting time on creative continuity.  Once a thought is well-established, she glides to the next one...but without a trace of disconnect.

She writes the way women think.  A connection between each thought, emotion, frustration and pleasure.  There's a snappy quality to it.  I can't stand the way THIS is, and then THAT happened, and I couldn't stand that SHE would do THAT, and I'm so excited for THIS, because SHE'S going to bring THAT, and, and, and, and, and, and....

And it's not just for the women who have had children.  I think it's for any woman who has or who is considering it.  It's for anyone that wants to appreciate the feminine role as a nurturer.

It's raw.  It's smart.  It's personal.


  1. I definitely thought it was an interesting article that views women's bodies in a totally different way in regards to motherhood. Cute pic!

  2. What a great picture of you, your mother and your grandmother. I agree, "Take, Eat" was a wonderfully crafted essay. I sent it on to others as well. I love my divine role as a woman, I just could not have expressed it as beautifully as she did.

  3. I had a pretty negative reaction to this essay, honestly. I felt like it was sort of a justification of the American idea of "letting oneself go." (For the record, the author herself is in great shape--I'm not sure what she's self-conscious about?)

    You ladies are all hotties, so clearly your antecedents jumped right back in the pool, so to speak.

    On the other hand, I loved the ice cream essay, so clearly I just want to let myself go over a pint of gelato rather than the horrors of parturition. LOL