Thursday, May 2, 2013

Literature and its Humanism.

As a start to this blog, I am going to speak about the importance of literature in our world.  This world is home to billions of people.  In the grand scheme, within this great number, a very minuscule amount actually get to know each individual.  This is due mainly in part to geographical distances as well as cultural bariers (language, etc.).  In our era, however, we have this new thing called the internet, that holds the ability to connect one to another no matter where their location.  This is what now fascilitates communication between almost all humans. 

Prior to this seemingly boundless invention were things like literature and art that connected people.  The French learned about Italian culture through pieces like Divine Comedy by Dante and through Florentine renaissance paintings, and one could say the same about the cave paintings in Lascaux II, which I feel can also be considered literature because they tell a story.  They are all forms of communication that have existed as far back as we know that humans have existed.  Literature is a fundamental in communication and has always been a means of bringing minds together.

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  1. It's crazy to think about how much has changed in the way humans communicate and interact in the last half of a century or so. But it's true, pure literature is at the base of all communication. Without it we don't have a language to butcher when we text our friends.