Friday, May 17, 2013

Bloggin' Along

It has been about three weeks since I posted my first blog.  It has been a totally new experience for me using this reflective online personal journal.

Now, how do I do a link?

I have found there are times I have enjoyed posting my analysis for stories and poetry and learning some really cool ways to 'link' into other blogs and YouTube. I can even link into my goodreads profile.

Another cool thing I am able to do is bring my first and second personal learning posts together right here.  I can review the basic literary terms (#1) and methods I have posted from what I have learned from the different genres (#2) of fiction and poetry.

I was able to post the poem that made such a huge impression on me so many years ago in my personal literary narrative (#3).  It was good to see the comments of others who had a connection with  the poetry I love.

Learning how to link into YouTube allowed me to do a poetry adaptation analysis (#4&5) of a great poem by Rudyard Kipling, which I am memorizing as part of my personal learning plan. 

I think when I created one of my first posts on fiction, is when I found that blogging was a really fun way to write.  I so appreciated Jamie's comment that made me feel I had actually done it right, along with Dr. Burton's idea of taking my metaphor of a roller coaster to make a visual diagram of the story plot.  It was great to get ideas that could potentially expand an idea I had.  It is just nice that someone is actually reading what I have to say!

When I posted about a book I had read for my personal learning plan, Kimara answered the question I ended my post with.  She often leaves great comments that let me how my post affected her as well as to leave me with more to think about.

Mostly, I have enjoyed reading other blogger's posts.  It is amazing how quickly you are able to get to know someone through their blog post.  You can even 'hear' their voice.  All in all, blogging has turned out to be a good thing.


  1. Dawn, that photo is the greatest thing that has happened this semester.

    Coming back to finish your degree, not to mention taking a demanding course outside your primary field, really inspires me.

  2. Thank you Charly. You are an inspiration to me. From the first day I have been impressed with the vast knowledge you have for one so young. You are destined for great things.

  3. I agree with you, blogging is actually a fun way to write (now that I am getting more comfortable with it). So glad to meet wonderful people like you, Dawn! You inspire me to keep going. Glad we are in this together!