Thursday, May 30, 2013

truth is stranger (and cooler) than fiction: learning plan

To continue my non-fiction reading, I want to delve into some literary neuroscience and psychological literature. I have a nice collection of Oliver Sacks, William James, and Stanislas Dehaene built up. I want to revisit their works, make notes (which always has something of the absentminded madwoman about it), and cull real ideas about how the brain works, stores memories, and how we react to and create narratives ... all to build ideas for my essay.

Neurons are beautiful.
That's what I love about non-fiction! It's real!


  1. Me too! Oliver Sacks, actually. If I have questions (which I will), I now know who to go to.

  2. And as they say, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Interesting ideas for your essay, which will be amazing, Charly. It is all those "beautiful" neurons buzzing around in my head and synapses (chemical signal) going on that are driving me crazy!