Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Choice and Change

What do you do with your small change? 
"It's what you do with it that counts"  
I just finished reading "Small Change" The Secret Life of Penny Burford, by J. Belinda Yandell, a book that illustrates the way two people choose to manage the lingering effects of their childhood.  Yandell's simple way of telling this story that is concerned with complicated issues, left me pondering what "changes"  I can make that will ultimately matter.
She uses a common medium (coins), to demonstrate how the choices ordinary people make, can alter the outcome of their lives and those around them. 

The double-life the main character leads is unexpected but delightful as it is unraveled.  An easy, feel good read with a dose of nostalgia.  A good fit for a woman's book-club.

Have you read other books where the main character leads a double-life?


  1. Yes, the book, The Scarlet Pimpernel. It is a romantic adventure story, set in the time of the French Revolution. The protagonist has a secret identity. The book has a fast paced plot and a great ending. I recommend it!

  2. Good post, though some more context would help (what book club?) as well as including mention of the book's genre (fiction? nonfiction? subgenre?)

  3. Often times, reading literature can be viewed as a solely internal process. However, it is obvious that there are most of the time moral lessons that lead towards improvement and the helping of others that can be discovered while reading.