Monday, May 27, 2013

Sharing Our Love for Literacy

Sharing our knowledge with others is a valuable gift.  

As we apply lessons we have learned from literature in meaningful ways, we gain a better appreciation for it.  Our appreciation then builds our excitement for reading as well as our learning that will accompany us through life.  It is natural to want to share our knowledge and passion for literature socially (Learning Outcome # 4). 

Reading with my grandchildren is an excellent way to share my enthusiasm for literature that will broaden their thinking and increase their love and appreciation for good books.  As I read with them, they will sense my motivation as they experience the wonder and satisfaction that comes from reading through a variety of genres. 

James S. Jacobs and Michael O. Tunnell, authors of Children’s Literature, Briefly (3rd edition. P. 271), believe that reading is personal as well as a natural process.  They identify some common characteristics of motivated readers that reflect these beliefs.  For example:

            Motivated readers:

o   read for pleasure and their own purposes.  

o   have personal and identifiable likes and dislikes in books.

o   are not hesitant about passing judgment on a book.

o   develop a personal attachment to books they like.

o   find time to read regularly.

Reading with my grandchildren is a pleasant experience we both look forward to.  I believe they will learn to love literature in these informal settings.  They feel safe asking questions and interjecting their opinions about the books when they are with their grandmother.   Plus. . . . ., I love the quality time we share!


  1. Darling picture! Those are truly some of the best moments in life.

  2. Some great guidelines for life-long reading (along with the very nice social component you illustrate here).

  3. Thanks for this post Dawn! I feel more encouraged to share my love for literature with friends and family. I want to do it not only because it is important to me, but because I know it would be a great experience for them, as you mentioned.