Saturday, May 18, 2013

#dramz week

I'm excited for drama week. I can actually justify my frequent theater-going (my family has a sacred ritual of attending Cedar City for Shakespeare) and occasional film-watching for school!

I love Modernist drama. I've started the week early by screening Gatsby, I may revisit Philip Barry, and no one has watched more Golden Age of Hollywood Musicals than I.

My personal learning goal for the week is to:

attend a live theater performance, preferably Shakespeare
analyze dialogue and timing in Studio C
most critically, read AND watch Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

I've never done either. I'm basically an uncultured boor. Given my Mad Men obsession, I'm super excited. I'm a firm believer that the best drama came out of the booze-soaked, cheating-rampant, mid-twentieth century. The themes of these plays touch on really vital human concerns. Holiday, which I saw six months ago, has made a very real impact on my thinking on money, ambition, and love. Yay theater!


  1. I've wanted to watch Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe too. I like a lot of those old movies. Sounds like you have a good fun week ahead of you! It is fun to hear your voice in this post. It sounds as up as you are!

  2. Your enthusiasm is catchy! I too have watched and loved the musicals of Hollywood. There is so much talent wrapped up in them, and they have a way with the emotions. I've never seen Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe either. Let me know if it is good.