Saturday, May 25, 2013


This term has to be addressed.  And if it has to be addressed, then I want to address it.  

Logical fallacies are the first thing I look for while reading a personal essay or other kind of persuasive writing.  Where are the holes in their logic?  Why do I feel oddly squeamish reading that ridiculous question they've rhetorically posed?  Why am I losing respect for this author so quickly and suddenly?!   

LOGICAL FALLACIES.                  Hate 'em.  

And the worst part?  I use them.  Sometimes.  When I'm not paying attention.  When I'm too passionate to notice.   

What is a logical fallacy, by definition? Well, it's a misleading or unsound argument,'s typically based off of a bit of logic. It can make any essayist, writer, or politician sound childish in trying to legitimize their argument.  

It's okay.  If that didn't make sense, here are some examples, and a link to my favorite website with an alphabetical listing of each one.  Start looking for them in your reading this weekend!  


  1. Logical Fallacies. I've heard them before and if is logical why they are called fallacies. Thanks for sharing about them. I will watch out for them.

  2. I really like the different colors and fonts you used to write this blog. I think I will try to do more of that in my next batch.