Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coming to Terms with the Personal Essay (Assignment for Thursday)

Now that you have had greater exposure to creative non-fiction as a genre, we will put our learning to work. In lieu of our regular in-class assignment, this week will entail doing a blog post between now and Thursday on the following topic:

Family Life and New Media: Help or Hindrance?

Now, to give you direction on this assignment, we will be flexing our non-fiction muscles by each writing in different genres. These are:

Political Speech
Travel or Food Personal Essay
Literary Criticism
Confessional Autobiography/Memoir

Jocelyn, Jennifer, Philip, Lindsey, Sined
Andrew, Hilary, Briggs, Leah, Olivia
Richard, Kirsten, Clarissa, Taylor, Danielle

KimaraDawnJamieCharly, and Caitlyn will be modeling each genre type. If you're in the red group, you might start your post, "Verily, verily, in the days of many gadgets," whereas if you're in the pink group, you may be starting with "let me tell you about time when ..." You can write a normal-length blog post, and please label them nonfiction personal essay. On Thursday, we over at Team Nonfiction will highlight our favorites, and we'll give you time within your groups to discuss how genre affected your approach to the common topic.

Best of luck!

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