Monday, May 6, 2013

Analyzing and Blogging

Generally, I have been a casual reader, taking in a story without trying to figure out how the author crafted his work into something I enjoy.

However, to analyze a story,
I must go to another level of reading.

Learning the analytic process has been revealing.  I'm finding that I must do some work to recognize the skill and effort it takes to create a story.  One element an author needs is. . .
. a plot to capture the reader by sequencing the story's events in order to keep them involved and reading.  Interesting characters and settings must be created to make a story come to  life as well as the decision of who will tell the story from their point of view.  Then the language, tone and style of the story must be determined to give it a voice and flavor.  To give meaning and make connections, a theme must be developed. 

In my quest to learn about this process, it has helped that I spent over an hour looking up literary terms so I am able to put names to the elements the author is using.  Studying the literary genres one at a time will help me learn to recognize and differentiate between them. 

Blogging has propelled me into writing down my analysis for others to read and critique.  It has provided a creative outlet to interact with other bloggers in order to gain more enthusiasm and appreciation for good literature.  After spending three hours reading and analyzing the common readings, I am learning blogging is a useful learning tool.  Perhaps because I am new at all this, the blogging has taken another three hours.  I suspect as I continue to blog, I will gain proficiency at it.

I am now excited to read a fiction work of my choice.


  1. Wow! Good for you for looking up literary terms for an hour - that's a lot of work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - cool picture!

  2. Way to dive right in. You're right on track with the kinds of things that analysis will involve. It does require a change in how you look at reading generally. You seem a natural at blogging so far! (Wondering what a couple of those terms are that you looked up...)

  3. Commendable! And I can relate. Love your posts.

  4. I agree that blogging is a helpful way of facilitating relaxed literary analysis. Thanks for the post!