Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Metapost: Projects

Anyone inspired by their fiction reading for their term project yet? I enjoyed making the Stegner map so much that I think I will write a photo essay about Stegner's time in Salt Lake. I live up there, and every time I read his vivid description, the setting jumps off the page and I have to make the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of the Madeleine, or Campus Circle. I could use literary techniques I've learned (I actually didn't know the difference between simile and metaphor before this class—for shame) in analyzing his books. Maybe I will even submit it to Salt Lake magazine!


  1. Still not so sure about my term project but I want to go to the Cathedral of Madeleine someday! I've only recently heard about it. I have not lived here very long. What is the Campus Circle?

  2. It's the main hub of the University of Utah. Beautiful neo-Greco buildings which haven't changed much in a century. It's on 1300 East and about 200 South.