Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post #1 - Preliminary self-directed learning plan

After going to class yesterday, I felt  a little like a fish out of water.  After taking the pre-test, I definitely feel like a fish out of water.  But, I am in this class to learn. 

As to my strengths-well, I have always loved reading good literature (which is relative, I know).  But, I enjoy reading good novels, fiction or non-fiction, and poetry.  So, I am somewhat familiar with those.  I find it interesting to analyze literature to see where the author seeks to take me.

As for my weaknesses-I am not familiar with literary terms or drama.  Those are areas I need to direct more time to learn.  Since this is my first blog post, I need to blog to get familiar with this type of social media.  I hope to learn things about literature that either I do not remember or have not learned as of yet, because I enjoy reading good literature.

That is what I would like to read - is good literature.


  1. It is still a bit daunting for me to be back in school after so many years away, but I too am in this class to learn. I am also excited about reading good literature, as well as sharing thoughts and ideas about that literature. I look forward to learning from everyone!

  2. I was away from school for four years! One of the proofreaders in the French lab was like, "you've read more of these authors than I have. How did you have the time?" I replied, "I dropped out of school!"

    Bringing life experience and interdisciplinary focus never hurt anyone. And Blogger is fairly intuitive. :-)

  3. I'm in the same boat as you, Dawn! I feel like I'm lacking fundamental terms, but like with many classes, I think it's just a matter of taking what you kind of already know and solidifying it and giving it a term or a proper place. I look forward as well to learning from you and the rest of our group.